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Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
About the Toya=Battler and Ikuko=Yasu...

Toya=Battler is strongly supported by Umineko. We could say it's part of the canon solution.
This reminded me. Ryukishi mentions that Touya is Battler in an interview when he's talking to Keiya. He says this after they mention that he tried to trick people into thinking the person Ikuko picked up in her car was Ange.

Apparently in Japan a lot of people fell for the trick. Over here at animesuki though most people didn't, and didn't even know there was a trick..

R When you uploaded your playmemo of EP8 I immediatly read it. When I came to the part where you wrote, that the character who had been saved by Ikuko in her car was Ange, I thought „Yes, yes, I got him!“ *laugh*. I actually thought while writing that passage „Will KEIYA fall for that trap?“.

K Yes, I really fell for it *laugh*. The scene right before it, made it easy to get the idea that it’s Ange.

R Yes, I mixed the time order up to create that mislead. There are almost no people who noticed immediately.

K If you read it casually, every player would think it was Ange.

R I think so too. And that’s why your impression wasn’t wrong.

K And on top of it, there’s the fact that later on you learn that „it’s actually Battler!“.

R Rather than a mystery, this was a stylistic device used in novels. Or what would you say?

K I think people who doubt this part are pretty rare *laugh*
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