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But EVERYONE is surprised by the new Battler. No one is really any better informed than Yasu, really. And the whole time, everyone keeps talking about how Battler hasn't changed a bit in personality.

Now come on. Compare a 12 year old and an 18 year old. You're telling me there's NO personality differences there? At all? You're telling me someone doesn't change at all during puberty?
No they aren't..? They're surprised that he's so BIG, but even that is probably just a "we haven't seen you in so long" thing, since Rudolf was said to be tall-ish as well, if I recall correctly. They weren't really surprised by any huge changes in his general person.

And that's exactly what I said. I'm not saying he's EXACTLY the same person as when he was 12, that would be foolish, but I'm not gonna jump off the proverbial cliff and say that contrary to every bit of characterization Ryu provided, Battler was actually moody and had a tendency to pinch his aunts butts.
. Well, I suppose you could, but ... well, I'm not strong enough to still enjoy a plot that would then enter some borderline James Joyce level abstraction.

Also, having just reread a bit of the chapters about Ikuko, Tohya=Battler and Ikuko=stranger seemed ... fairly apparent. I mean, it doesn't seem to be pulling any weird narrative punches, at all. Tohya's headaches spring up when he tries to remember stuff, when he first thinks about arguin over mysteries, and when Ikuko kinda randomly brings up the Rokkenjima incident it throbs into overdrive.

In my opinion, the only thing to doubt is WHEN exactly Ikuko figured out who Battler was, since the passage of time in the chapters concerning their home life is the vaguest thing ever.

Well, honestly, I just really like random hermit "I talk to corpses on the street, and take them home if they happen to be alive" lady. And the thought of her being Yasu just never crossed my mind, even. It was also said that her family was rather well known in the area, her siblings pretty accomplished. Ehhh, I just think the room for all this doubt is so small, I'd rather just disregard it.

It's as GreyZone says, though ... would be nice to get some development on Ryu's next project. Or wait for that "Forgery of the Purple Logic" fan work to be translated, amirite?!
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