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Originally Posted by Captain Bluebeard View Post
That's one of the reasons I hate the Ikuko=Yasu theory. There's just no adequate hint to pass it as acceptable.
The fact that "Ikuko" means 19 and "many childs" is the only adequate hint I can see in the theory, but in my opinion it is not enough to reach a conclusion regarding her identity being Yasu.

I value more thematic narrative hints rather than crude mathematical facts. To believe in the Yasu=Ikuko I should see something that thematically and narratively suggests that, something in the way she acts or talks that would suggest she is Yasu.

I do not believe that Ryuukishi would simply throw an Ikuko and the expect us to conclude that she must be Yasu.

At any rate what I mean to say is that at least this theory has some basis to it, albeit weak. It is still better than "Ikuko was Eva's confidante" that Renall suggested earlier.

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