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Originally Posted by SilverSyko View Post
Eh I don't particularly agree considering SAO's story seems to be largely driven by "The Villain Makes the Plot" trope. Considering if it wasn't for Kayaba, nothing like this would have ever happened in the first place. In tandem, if it wasn't for Sugou, Kazuto probably wouldn't know what he had to do to save Asuna.

My problem is that I think Sugou was a bit exaggerated as an antagonist. He didn't necessarily need to be a slimeball in order from him to get in Kazuto's way. Just the fact he's engaged to Asuna in the first place should to be more than enough reason for Kazuto to want to save her from whatever is going on considering their relationship.
While I dont disagree that he wasnt introduced too early, I think he might be holding on to the Villian Ball by revealing what he's really like to Kirito so dam quick. It's like "Hey, I'm a scumbag who plans on forcing you away from the love of your life for shits and giggles, I'm gonna make you do everything in your power to stop my plans." Yeah, taunt the hero, that always works.

I dont think he's exaggerated as an antagonist. I kinda think he DOES need to be a slimeball to get in Kazuto's way because if he was any kind of respectable man, he wouldnt: A.) Even consider any of this with a young girl, much less one who hates him, B.) Try this with a girl who's in a COMA, and I'm not too sure about this one cause I'm unsure of how things are in Japan, even if it was an arranged marriage ceremony or whatever it is he's planning, he wouldnt stand in the way of Kazuto and Asuna being together.

Originally Posted by Insane View Post
I'm just feeling rather weird of this eps. Couldn’t Kirito just tell Asuna’s dad about the creepy fuck death treats? or provoke him on discussion again just this time record it with a phone or something.

But i guess our MC is not that bright in this series (why?) and will probably try to solve it though the game.
He could try to tell her father, it would just be Kazuto's word against Suguo's, and Kazuto is a bit of a shut in, so his word isnt worth much. He could try to provoke Suguo into blabbing into a recording. but I dont think he's ever gonna see the creep again in person. I think he is pretty bright by just avoiding useless conflict and not making himself look bad in Asuna's father's eyes.
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