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Originally Posted by Dangmashang View Post
Well they've always loved to repeat animations to save some time as to making the anime, another good example would be when Kira in his Strike freedom fired all his lasers at the forces of PLANT and the Earth federation (shouting... "get out of here the whole place is going to explode!"(rough thought)... as he continues to kill both conflicting parties... lol) around two to three times, and his lock-on ability was used several times in conjunction with it.
Or the same engineers getting blown up constantly in the engine room.

Or the trees getting blown up in victory gundam!

i mean, there is stockfootage everywhere, but Seed takes it to the max in the final episodes, with destiny taking it to a new level

Originally Posted by zeroexia View Post
Hmm, I was wondering how the lock-on ability of the Freedoms work. Are they all computer, similar to the haros with Lockon in 00 Trailblazer, or is it manual?

I mean it always seemed weird to me that a computer-guided lock-on system would require a SEED mode activation.

That would mean Kira goes SEED mode just to press a button but I never heard anything about Kira actually manually locking-on to targets with full burst.
if i recall correctly, Freedom's target computer can lock onto 10 (or 5) targets at once, and it's the Computer who targets, not Kira
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