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Survival In A BETA-infested World

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Could you please post (in here) an example of the opening post that would set the stage for such a conversation? I can then use that opening post to make the thread.
No problem. Text as follows:

Welcome to Alternative Earth. It's a world very much like our own, and yet different in many ways... most prominently, an infestation of the Beings of Extra-Terrestrial origin that are Adversaries of the human race.

To be a human in this world is to live day from day. It is a time of both great technological achievement and mindbreaking terror.

You're a resident of Alternative Earth. How are you going to survive as long as possible? You can't keep the reaper from calling... but you can try evade him as long as possible.

This thread serves as a location for discussion of just how one would go about surviving in Alternative Earth, as well as a frank assessment of life expectancy and how badly humanity is fucked. Due to the nature of this topic, this is regrettably a spoiler zone - it is very difficult to discuss this topic without making references to materials outside the animated adaptation of Total Eclipse. That said, let's continue to use spoiler tags - it's merely good practice, afterall.

Let the posters beware.

tl;dr, as grevierr put it: Welcome to Survivor: Beta. Outlive. Outkill. Outlast.
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