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Kira likely uses SEED mode to better his control of the Freedom and reaction time when using the full salvo attacks to minimize casualties and hit as many enemies as possible. Taking out heads and arms without hitting the cockpit using plasma cannons or the multi-phase beam cannon certainly can't be easy.

That's probably the case but the problem I saw was that whenever we saw Full Burst activated, the multi-lock system screen only shows dots on radar-like display being targeted but Full Burst only disables the targets it hits. The targeting system doesn't have the precision to aim at specific parts only entire mobile suits, from what we've seen from the show.

So that means that either Kira programmed Full-Burst to only disable or Kira has some input on where he's shooting during Full-Burst.

My conjecture is that the computer multi-locks on to targets for Kira who then somehow aims the weapons to disable the targets that have been locked-on to.

I really wish the CE universe technology and AUs in general would be more fleshed out and explained like UC. It brings more depth to the universe even if based on fake science.
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