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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
My take is like this:
  • Orga: The “leader” as in: the most stable out of the three. He also love to “hitch-hike” .

  • Shani: The childish one. He whines & sulk and his action in a battle is not far from a child playing with his “cool toy” and when Athrun ruined it, he throws a tantrum and get mad at him. Thus, if not for orders, he always choose to take down Justice out of the two ZGMF Gundams.

  • Clotho: The most aggressive out of the three. I also think that he’s the best in battle though it’s partly due to Raider has more varied arsenal than Calamity (where Orga can only beam spam). He took down Dearka in Buster and nearly finished Yzak in Duel too while running out of drugs. I’d say, piloting a Gundam aside, his skill is superb.
makes sense, but i'd put Shani at the top in terms of skills, seeing how he managed to keep athrun on his toes in one on one combat while Kira handled Clotho and Olga/Oruga?

And shani was listed as a biological computer level 3? while the other two are level 2.
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