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Originally Posted by Frailty View Post
*Tager getting destroyed*
this terrifies me more

Originally Posted by Tong View Post
Lv3 Drill is quite hard to get and maintain.

And imo chip plays a bigger role because Guard Primers are gone, and therefore, the only way to effectively break through defense is using Crush Trigger (which depletes lots of the Barrier Gauge) or Chip damage.
Didn't really look that difficult in a lot of matches I saw and still it does make blocking Amane seem kinda of pointless once it's there. That said, people will eventually find more ways around it.

Originally Posted by Frailty View Post
anyway, does anyone know how much life he has?
Don't remember the numbers offhand, but I recall it being on the" low end" around 9500 somewhere.

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I have a hard time choosing between this and Nu x Ragna
Nu probably has the highest chance of happening out of two depending where the plot develops her and her past with Ragna. There isn't a huge possibly of Ragna getting with either one IMO.
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