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Originally Posted by Irenicus View Post
Can I present an opposite view? I think a really large post count is...embarrassing. I'd automatically calculate the average of how much I posted per day since the join date and then I got really disappointed at myself and stopped posting because anything above a 2-to-1 rate seemed so, so wasteful and anything above 10-to-1 felt absolutely awful. So, yeah...
Average posts per day, as at Dec 16, 2012 (Sun): 1.62

Member since April 3, 2006. Total posts, including this one, 3,970.

I take some pride in getting where I got in terms "reputation" with that average post count.

On a more serious note, no, please don't make post counts any more "public" than they need to be. As TheFluff said, we really don't need another number to judge the "quality" of membership. Let's return the focus to where it always should have been, the content of one's post in any given discussion.
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