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I myself can't think of any other internet message board that has neither a rep system or public post counts.
There are quite a few. Most serious discussion forums have very few bells and whistles, and for some having an avatar at all is about as fancy as they get. Go visit Neogaf, for example. Absolutely huge forum, very little fluff.

Veterans know who veterans are by participation in the community. As a very old member (gets out cane and mumbles something about kids these days), I've seen a lot of people come and go. And honestly, join date and posts aren't even a good measure. Veterans remember the forum crash that wiped out everything - even my join date is a "lie". I've been around here since 2004 as a lurker, but in 2005 my account was part of the crash and I had to re-register in 2006. I didn't post much back then until after I registered the second time.

Frankly I'd much rather see discussion be less "Facebook" and more quality, meaning people going back to making posts with good content and not vain appeals for attention. And yes, I say that as someone who is basically max on rep, and have been for a while. I built the rep by being a constant presence in the community, but I didn't do it for the rep, and I won't stop because the rep is gone. I did it to build a name, which is what I hope people notice when they see my posts and hopefully they associated it with good things (although I'm sure that's not anywhere near as true as I hope ).

I don't want my eventual fading from the forums to be "oh yeah, that guy with all those decorations", I want it to be "oh yeah, that guy made a lot of good posts".

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