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^^ Umm, Kamimaro (the god) doesn't appear in the series until after Urashima Taro game (the athlete event), we're left with WTF for several chapters. Its setting is very similar to Gantz in the beginning, but with no aliens to kill. Also as I've mentioned before, using those two series to compare to this one won't do it justice. Gantz and Battle Royal are similar yet different. While this series is similar to Gantz with the setting (unexplainable things and technology) yet the game in this series isn't as simple as killing all aliens. This manga is quite unique since its setting is different than other manga that have survival game as setting besides Blue Paradox.

I'd say:

Gantz = Kill all enemies (team death match)

Btoom! = In between Gantz and Battle Royal, kill others to collect 7 of the jewels to leave the island

Battle Royal, Mirai Nikki = Kill 'em all (death match)

Kamisama no Iutoori, Blue Paradox = Clear the game (really varied)

Enigma = Clear the conditions (with ESP)

Ousama Game = Do the command from the king's SMS (Ousama) (no idea how to explain because too many deaths in the end)

Underdog = Kill other participants indirectly (tournament)

There are a few others like Deadman Wonderland (at first). It's all about fighting and killing though, not many that use real wits. BTW, every main leads in these series survive not only by how badass they are, but luck too (in the form of plot armor or deus ex machina).

Mirai Nikki has god, but he's kind of useless and never does much to interfere.

Gantz's god is simply too overpower and left on a whim.

This one, how could you judge the series when it's just begun for a few chapters for real? It's possible that it'll continue for many more chapters.
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