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Originally Posted by marvelB View Post
As far as Dofla's decision goes, I'm sort of leaning towards him rejecting Law's demands, myself. However, the problem with that is that (and I'm sure this was mentioned already) he could STILL get in trouble with the marines if Smoker reports to HQ about Vergo. So unless he's well-connected enough with the WG to come up with a contingency plan, he'd be screwed whether he quits the Shichibukai or not. Personally, I'm not really seeing him going to anyone else within the marines to help him since his most trusted man (Vergo) is currently incapacitated, so it has to be someone else within the WG. Maybe he can hatch up some counterattack scheme against Law if he has connections within Cipher Pol or something.....
Wasn't the person who asked DoFlamingo to kill Moria a high ranking WG employee?

Whatever the case, I do expect DoFlamingo to chart his own course rather than be led or coerced.
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