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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
Wasn't the person who asked DoFlamingo to kill Moria a high ranking WG employee?

Yes, that was what I had in mind when making that post. After all, Dofla even mentioned that whoever ordered the hit on Moria had more authority than Sengoku. But I'm wondering if that person (or people) alone can pull enough strings to pull Dofla out of his tight spot? Hence my suggestion that CP agents may be best suited towards thwarting Smoker from reporting to HQ about Vergo's betrayal (and buying Dofla enough time to hatch up a counter-plan against Law).....

Originally Posted by bonsobon View Post
Seeing this made me reread those chapters concerning that event and I found out in chapter 595 that Doflamingo told that official he would quit the Shichibukai if he was given orders that didn't agree with him. This might mean he's less worried about the marines than he is about Kaidou, and he could accept Law's offer after all.

Thing is, we gotta remember that the scene you're referring to took place before the timeskip. Needless to say, a LOT can happen in two years' time. So while it may have been easier for Dofla to give up his warlord status back then, chances are that quitting now would deal a huge blow to his current operation (and I'm pretty sure Law knows that, otherwise there wouldn't be much of a point in him making that deal in the first place).

That's exactly the reason why I don't see Dofla complying with any of Law's demands in the first place..... he'd have nothing to gain and everything to lose (for one thing, it's not even guaranteed that Law will return Caesar to him if he went back to being a regular pirate). And more importantly, I doubt his pride would allow him to be humiliated by an upstart young whippersnapper who only recently became a warlord himself......
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