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Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
this. Moria's crew was annihilated by Kaido('s crew?). That seems very one sided. This making them "rivals" would be like saying: "Luffy fought Aokoji once. They are on the same level."

So I guess you forgot about this then (which, conveniently, was posted earlier this very page (thanks, Libros! )):

Originally Posted by Libros View Post
Here's the quote about him Vs Kaido, take the part about him losing his crew to Kaido with a grain of salt for now, I need to find that part. I probably got it wrong, sorry.
Spoiler for Moria vs Kaido:

Even if Moria's old crew were fodder, that doesn't mean the captain himself was (and I doubt he'd have became a shichibukai if he weren't).....
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