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Being person who reads books faster than libraries stock them (and being picky about books i read on top of it), i have ended up trying to read To Are Majutsu no Index to satisfy my thirst for written stories.

However, i can't really bring myself to loving it.
I can't really understand why the MC insists on keeping his amnesia a secret, yes, Index would cry, but after first few strange happenings and weird people coming up and just chatting with him, i would have thought it would be clear that this course is pretty suicidal, he needs information he does not have (and often would not have, but he does not know that).
The cosmology/mythology confuses me (why is all magic somehow religious in nature? why do supposedly christian characters use magic of "heathen" faiths? does the writer have a nun fetish?).
Why are the magicians trying to keep people in the dark about the existence of magic?
Why do the magicians hate science? I could understand different faiths, or even different sects of same faith, hating each other, but i don't get the whole hate of technology/science.

Also, what's with the whole Roman Catholic hate?
I don't like religions, and i hate Roman Catholic church for lot of the stuff they have done, but even i can't but go WTF, lay of already, about how Roman Catholics are portrayed in the series.

Ok, going of tangent here.
Anyway, having read to the point where Vento (Femto?) of the Front first appears (early book 13), with all the issues i have with the series, is it worth it to keep reading further or should i just give up?

First books were decent, and i loved the taking down of that alchemist (nothing has really topped that part of the series since really), and there was something really satisfying about taking down Accelerator (hate the guy, and more i read about him, more i hate him).
But after a while they just seem less interesting, so the question is, do they get better? or, more accurately, do they become as good as the early books again?
And does the author ever get over his nun fetish and/or Roman Catholicism hate?
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