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Index crying is a big deal and it shows his strength of character even though he's lost his memories of his character.
Eh, i guess that's matter of viewpoint, i personally see it as a weakness of character (girl i don't know/can't remember cries = lie to everyone i meet in a near suicidal fashion even if in a life threatening situation).
The magic and spells here are all based on miraculous achievements and rituals performed in religion and mythology.
Who came up with them first? Does any old ritual found in mythology work?
From what i understand, there were talented individuals who could do things (espers, saints, whatever, it did not go into specifics), people got jealous and somehow duplicated there powers and called it magic, but it never went into just how did they do this.
Because then everyone would try to use magic and the thing is they can. You might as well give everyone in the world a gun.
Now, i'm a big fan of gun control, but i don't think this holds water, everyone might be able to learn magic, but i seriously doubt that merely knowing that magic exists would be enough to plunge the world into chaos, and if you're in a struggle for who controls the world with science, it does not help that nobody even knows you exist (it pretty much gives the science types near total victory by default, or atleast makes everyone not in the secret to be part of the science side).
Obvious. Magicians are basically religious and even in real life science and religion have never gotten along. Do you know how much of an uproar the theory of evolution caused in the last 60 years?
Religions tend to have problems with science when science contradicts their teachings, but in TANMI the bloody priests (and nuns) quite happily go doing rituals taken from other faiths that do contradicts their religion as well (which i would have thought would be less of an issue than something like theory of evolution that even Roman Catholic church is quite happy to admit is either true or atleast not a lie/against scripture).
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Whenever there is a religious enemy comprised of fanatical assholes, it's nearly always the Roman Catholic.
"because everyone else does it" is no excuse.
And personally (and i admit i may be wrong), it feels like even for the usual catholic bashing, this guy seems to go over and beyond the usual fanaticism shown in LN/Anime/Manga
Especially jarring was when they saved the nuns from those ships, and they seemed to have done a total 180 from who they had been, and only real explanation i could come up for it was that i guess i'm supposed to be sympathetic to them now for some reason.
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1) After a while, he sort of gotten used to his Amnesia I suppose, doesn't seem like it affect him much after all.

2) Why is magic related to religion? Where else do you hear crazy stories of people doing supernatural things. And you realized that Christianity isn't very 'original' itself? They have borrowed ideas from other religions before.

3) Do you see any reason to reveal magic to the world?

4) Political differences.

Funny thing is, I'm pretty certain most of these are covered in the books itself, you might wanna slow down on that speed reading...
1. yes, which is another thing that keeps rubbing me wrong, amnesia should be a pretty huge deal, yet he never seems to get into trouble you'd think someone would (what's my ATM code? what's my phone number? where do i live? how do i gain money? do i go to school? if so, where? do i have family?) i'd have found it lot more interesting (and believable) if author had spent a book or two (or even just some chapters here and there) answering those questions.

2. Christianity is not very original yes, but they do usually wrap all the heathen practices in some kind of bs explanation to make it more christian (ie. christmas).

3. when you seem to be struggling with science over who gets to rule over the world, and keep complaining about all these technological things, it might be advisable to inform people that there are other options (also, it's less about why reveal, and more about why go for all the trouble to actively conceal it).

4. Yes, but why? what? how did it come to be? Personal quibble i admit, but i just feel that for so central a part of the plot, it has not been explained adequately in the first 12 books.

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The Pope is actually a decent guy.
The guy who signed kill order on Touma?

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If you are at that point you should definitively continue, It get really more interesting to read from around that arc. I think you survived all the really boring arcs.
Guess i'll give it another go after i'm done with the Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance updates.
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