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1. yes, which is another thing that keeps rubbing me wrong, amnesia should be a pretty huge deal, yet he never seems to get into trouble you'd think someone would (what's my ATM code? what's my phone number? where do i live? how do i gain money? do i go to school? if so, where? do i have family?) i'd have found it lot more interesting (and believable) if author had spent a book or two (or even just some chapters here and there) answering those questions.
Amnesia doesn't affect all of his memories, he wouldn't be completely at a lost of what to do.

Kamijou himself is not the type to hesitate or ponder about his problems, that is to say if nothing can be done about it then he's not going to worry too much about it.

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2. Christianity is not very original yes, but they do usually wrap all the heathen practices in some kind of bs explanation to make it more christian (ie. christmas).
Though another thing to remember is that there's a reason why it's call the church of Necessary Evil.

That's pretty much their way of justifying magic- Other churches would have their own special divisions.

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3. when you seem to be struggling with science over who gets to rule over the world, and keep complaining about all these technological things, it might be advisable to inform people that there are other options (also, it's less about why reveal, and more about why go for all the trouble to actively conceal it).
Some people want to rule the world from the shadows.

Revealing magic to the world would draw too much attention to your actions.

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4. Yes, but why? what? how did it come to be? Personal quibble i admit, but i just feel that for so central a part of the plot, it has not been explained adequately in the first 12 books.
It's not hard to imagine because it's happening in the real world right now.

With the advancement of science, people are less incline to believe the word of Religion.

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The guy who signed kill order on Touma?
The Pope isn't all-knowing, as far as he's been told, he signed a kill order against the enemy of his faction and the one in the center of all the chaos.

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