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Now, i'm a big fan of gun control, but i don't think this holds water, everyone might be able to learn magic, but i seriously doubt that merely knowing that magic exists would be enough to plunge the world into chaos, and if you're in a struggle for who controls the world with science, it does not help that nobody even knows you exist (it pretty much gives the science types near total victory by default, or atleast makes everyone not in the secret to be part of the science side).
It's not that simple. In the first place, the biggest practicioners of magic are the churches, but they don't want other people using it, so they do their best to hide it in addition to prosecute anyone using magic that is not affiliated with them (so anyone being open about it becomes a target)

Some unaffiliated groups may not wish to be their target so they are discreet. Others may simply prefer being in the shadows for their own purposes. And others don't really care about whether they are discovered or not, but those don't usually last long . Though not explicitly said (iirc), it's implied that the churches also do damage control to keep any leeks in check.

This doesn't mean the churches are evil (though are some evil people within them), magic can be extremely powerful and dangerous. From their point of view they keep the world safe by controlling the knowledge of magic.

By the way, just to be clear, by churches I mean Christian branches. They are separate powers but have come to an understanding so they don't (normally) attack each other. There's no mention so far about other big religions.
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