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Originally Posted by Brother Coa View Post
I disagree on two basis:
-Even fairly equipped T-72 or even T-55 can take down a M1 Abrams, just like Miho took down Sherman with anti-infantry cannon. Of course, MBT now are better than those from 20 years ago but hey - if they can take type 89 and go toe to toe with King Tiger than they can take T-72 and go toe to toe with Leopold II.
That's not entirely correct; no Abrams has been lost to enemy fire (write off due to IED damage is another thing though). We've had Abrams been shot at by other Abrams, using the silver bullet DU penetrators... and they're still recoverable and repairable. There's one Abrams, Cojone Eh, that got hit by a ridiculous amount of American fire to prevent it from being claimed as a trophy... and it's remarkably intact. ^_^;;

That said, whenever units go to NTC they're taught that the battlefield can kill them and that the Abrams is not an invilcible lightning bruiser mounting a fuckoff derpgun with fast reload, and trollomium-bouncium alloy armor.

Also, to an extent, I don't think we'd see much modern MBTs in Panzerfahren, because the higher up the tech level you get, the more crew skill is taken over by the technology. In an Abrams, for example, the gunner aims, lases the target, and the computer gets the range provides an impact point which tells him where to aim to score a kill. In contrast, Hana has to do all that manually, in her head.
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