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I agree
But the main reason why they go head on with everyone is because their tanks can hit a tank from 3km and destroy it. They could just sit back and let other tanks come at them.
Their style actually fit them, advance slowly in groups and blow up everything in your path, they have power and armor and of course they will play like that.
The problem is that they don't even really manage that. Their other myriad problems could probably be made good if they could at least manage that.
I partially agree, they also had a LOT of luck.
-Chi-Ha in the beginning malfunctioned and have gone backwards instead of forward and as a result they were not defeated 10 seconds since the game started.
It is not a Chi-Ha but a Chi-Nu. The essence of this one: The primary problem is KMM's lack of shooting skill, so only one tank gets clipped. If we do it again, they might not hit anything at all.
-16 ton Hetzer cannot lift 188 ton Maus, and that turret is at least three times heavier than Type 89 so they should fall from the tank the moment she moved that turret.
The Maus ran over the Hetzer. But you are right to the extent that if the Maus gunner had the mental flexibility to turn the turret to the right...
-In the end they won by going 1 on 1 and staking everything on a single long shot that would leave them vulnerable if they missed or the shell bounced as in next second the rest of Black Forest tanks arrived.
Well, that would be even more true of Maho. It is a long shot, but a one on one is about as favorable as they could get, given normal conditions.
Still, given KMM's actual performance (if they had been more aware of it at the time), a potentially workable strategy would have been Oarai cooperating to slowly murder KMM's tanks ... one by one. With a little luck, it might even go well enough hey don't have to lose any more tanks.
I disagree on two basis:
-Even fairly equipped T-72 or even T-55 can take down a M1 Abrams, just like Miho took down Sherman with anti-infantry cannon. Of course, MBT now are better than those from 20 years ago but hey - if they can take type 89 and go toe to toe with King Tiger than they can take T-72 and go toe to toe with Leopold II.
Yes, if the opponent is KMM, maybe. Under more usual conditions, while it might be possible for one or two to be taken down that way, the overall result would be a massacre.
-I am pretty sure that International Panzerfahren rules forbid the use of things like "special equipment, such as ballistic computers and turret stabilization". They probably only include human factor and weapon and armor upgrades, but no computers or visors whatsoever ( remember that they read rules for radio equipment to see if that was valid for use, imagine if someone put targeting computer in his tank... I am sure he would be banned). And I am sure that unlike WW2 national they have actual rules for tanks that can be used in event ( same reason why WW1 tanks like Mark I were not used in anime even if we saw people using them on recruitment video ).
What's the point then of insisting on driving modern tanks but without their modern equipment?
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