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I will admit they did a good job with Aoi's outburst (Saito's performance is once again tremendously powerful) along with Makoto's reactions to it. However, they really failed hard with AE's execution aftermath, making people rather apathetic towards it, especially Makoto who was supposed to be downright pissed off.

But frankly, I don't see the point of the investigations at all, if not only they skip some relevant clues, but also ignore the ones they presented in the anime. I mean, what was the point in showing the glass bottle and the magazine if they weren't used -at all-? Seriously, it begs the question why there is an investigation with obvious "CLUE GET!" if they aren't even used.

You know what's even funnier? The fact not only they kept with the door lock nonsense, but the lock in episode 9 is ABOVE the doorknob. However, in episode 8, it was BELOW the doorknob. Quality check isn't their forte at all, and while it is obvious with the general quality of the series, messing with their own extra detail by themselves is silly at best.

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