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Just finished watching the episode, and it was indeed an emotional one. You have to feel bad for Aoi on this one. Losing a friend in Sakura Oogami took a heavy toll on her heart to a point in which Aoi framed others and then wanting the entire class to get punished after reading Sakura's final will, which was switched with a fake one by Monokuma itself.
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So there are a total of 16 students now - Mukuro Ikusaba. So all we know is that person is a "Super High School Level Despair", but I wonder if there are other ways to identify the mystery student that moniker that defines that persons talent or trait. It's safe to say now that assailant who showed up and attacked Makoto pretty much summed up my conclusions and doubts, but I wonder how his/her role will play in this Academy Coliseum.
It could mean that this Mukuro person is the real puppet master of this story and that Monokuma (whom for some reason reminds me of Jigsaw from the Saw movies) was nothing more than a "co-conspirator" to the overall plot. For whatever reason Mukuro would want everyone to live without hope is something we will likely find out before the series ends.

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