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That's a good question. HD-DVD camp is supported by MS and Sony Blu-ray. KyoAni looks to be siding at Blu-ray camp which would make HD-DVD release unplausable.

As an aside, according to the Inquirer, it is possible to transmit HDMI using dual link DVI port (which means the video card of 'this' generation with ATi x1k and Nvidia 6k+ series), san audio, using a dongle. There will be content protection issue to worry about (guess what, HD ready and protection scheme matters) ... from what've I know so far anything we can buy today will not pass the certification.

However, a good news is that rumor has it all initial products available for HD (blu-ray of HD-DVD) will not strictly enforce protection but that won't last...

This translates into whatever we use to watch HD media useless by perhaps 2k7~2k8.
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