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Just finished watching the eyecancer raw (actually had it since 6pm UK time, but have been working on finishing a vector trace of Reinforce I).

Needs more stuff blowing up though.

Lots of twists and turns this episode, which is a refreshing experience and a nice throwback to early A's. Numbers would have been owned if they didn't have the advantage of surprise moves on the Section 6 team. Nice to see some decent action now, and hopefully it'll keep going. (Nanoha flying in from out of nowhere with Exceed Mode to rescue the choppah was quite a surprise.)

Got to see more of the new enemy mages too, with their awesome hax... errr... I mean skills, and some background is expected in the next episode, which should be nice.

And Fate... Trident Smasher? That's a new one from you, isn't it? ^_^

The best events of the episode?
Vita making her typically grand entrance, Hayate's impression of Reinforce, and Teana hiding the Relic in Caro's hat.

If the first 11eps was Nanoha Season 1, then the rest of Strikers will be A's. Bring it on. ^_-

(Now to try and get Illustrator to save the final version of the trace without crashing or freezing for half an hour...)

PS: I don't think it's the TSAB head guy you should be worrying about. I think the second-in-command is the real culprit here. There's just something about her that is very suspicious...
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