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Originally Posted by CrazyPerson View Post
Using my amazing powers of crappy screenshoting, I officially confirm Estavali's notes. (The smoke about 2 secs before this shot makes shooting difficult, not to mention bad quality.)

Estavali, point out them differences at will!

*Waits for image to load*

Shucks, that's long...


Hmm? Still nothing? Tch......

*Refreshes even more. Still nothing.*


*Berserk refreshing mode ON*

*Still nothing*



GIMME MY SCREENIE!!!!!!!!!!!! *shakes moniter and summons Kagutsuchi*

Imageshack. It pwns ye arse.

Defeated.... Sorry, CrazyPerson, mind sending me that screenie via anything other than Imageshack?


I forgot to mentioned this, but didn't Lutecia used something resembling Bloody Dagger at Tia during the fight before they were caught?

Add-on 2:

The confounded image finally shows up... after 16+ hours.

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