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Very good episode.

Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
After this incident, Yuri calls a quick meeting with Naoi and Kanade (and Hinata and Otonashi). They have a rather long conversation. I don't really get what they're saying, but in the end Yuri told Christ to do something with Angel Player, specifically concerning the skill Overdrive.
She was asking Takeyama to check if there was anything wrong with the programs/skills on Kanade's computer, it has nothing to do with Overdrive in particular. It was pretty funny to learn that Kanade created the wings only for decoration because Otonashi told her it was more fitting for an angel. She didn't even think about flying

Interesting to note that Yuri apprently knew of Otonashi's recent actions all along, but didn't do anything about it. Naoi and Hinata also figured it out, and were about to form the After life gay liberation front with him before the shadows attacked. I didn't expect the shadow would turn people into NPCs. I wonder if they'll find a way to reverse the process or if Takamatsu is gone for good.

You know, I thought Otonashi had already figured out Kanade was just a normal human. He had the same hints as Yuri, as far as I remember.

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Yuri comes to some strange place with some old man hitting buttons on the keyboard to make this world last and they are chased by the shadow? Am I right?
She also finds a hatch at the end of the episode.

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1) Christ: God complex. Knows about Angel Player. Proven to be versatile with a computer.
2) Chaa. Suspiciously absent. One of the longest players and has considerable knowledge about the world.
3) Someone we haven't seen yet. Possible but that would kill the drama.
I'm going with Chaa for now. He has the stature to be the "final boss".
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