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Originally Posted by cebukitty View Post
No one can deny that Shin and Noe have a special relationship. Their souls were calling to each other even before they met. Remember Shin had a vision of Noe even before he met her, and that first meeting they had with Shin gazing awestruck at Noe glowing golden from the sunlight behind her -- simply beautiful But again, I guess not all soulmates become lovers.
Thank you for that observation. It helps me find a little reconciliation in seeing a happy ending for Noe. It was her special relationship with Shin that ultimately led to her tears, and I think that is something that would have a profound affect on the rest of her life and how she related to the world. To me, this was ultimately Noe's story. Her tears, flying in the breeze, is the grand finale.

I thought the scene of Shin crying, singing the cockroach song, was very poignant. It helped me feel how important she really was to him and that even the silly things about her, like her song, were so deeply meaningful to him. And the way she turned and waved to him in acknowledgment showed just how strong she really was.
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