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Well said...

Originally Posted by apr View Post
No one's mentioned the insanely powerful scene with the hot coffee either. From the moment Hiromi invites him over at school, through the way she urges him on in the staircase, and sits down to take his hands along with the cup, and sip the coffee, there's a roaring sexual tension. Then she goes and says "ii yo", which most likely should be interpreted as consent for having sex. She's basically so anxious to keep Shin with her that she'll throw herself at him. Luckily Shin sees through her madness and stops it, resulting in Hiromi feeling ashamed and sending him off, because it's not like her to be so ... nasty. The situation with Shin's mother has changed her, and all of Shin's affection is based on a lifetime of knowing and loving her before she moves into his home.

I'm glad you brought it up. This is one of my favorite scenes in the series, and a defining moment for Hiromi's character. It really is the last and ultimate obstacle she faced in becoming a truly eligible companion for Shin. The way she dealt with the realization of her inappropriate behavior, and her subsequent resolve speaks volumes.
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