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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
In the japanese game folder, there must be the folder where the patch is, but you cannot have any sub directory in there.
Basically, in the main game folder, there should be the "[WH] Umineko English", and once you click it, you should have all the patch files. You cannot have "another folder" and then get the files.

Simply put, you must be able to reach the patch files as soon as you get access to the patch folder.
If it is still not working properly, try to launch the game first if it is working properly, and check the arc.nsa file size.
Ok well here's the [WH] Umineko English folder I have. I checked the size of the arc.nsa but I don't know what the size it is supposed to be for the game to work.
I also want to make sure that these are the patch files needed too....

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