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Originally Posted by Klashikari
As explained: that is because Cecilia was going easy on him. I mean, instead of trying to overwhelm him, she even tries to grind him little by little (comment like "you left hand is mine!")

I can't call Ichika godly at all. Whereas he definitely got talents and hidden knowledge as it was shown, Ichika made a lot of useless movements. Even his sister noticed that he screwed up and Ichika made a reflex that has shown this mistake.
And in the end, she didn't use them one by one, but spamming all of them, against a noob.

Bear in mind, he manage to give her trouble just using a default setting. With the power up he nearly beat her if not for ignorance on his beam saber sucking the shield's energy.

What I'm trying to point is, he manage to do ALL of this in a single first time match against an elite champion.

Like I mentioned earlier, it's either his a natural genius, lucky or his unit is broken. Or a full combo.
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