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L@DIES and Broducers. I'd like to just theoretically ask something.

I know a certain seller in Japan who I've associated with in the past for products, and he may have access to products sold in the Lalabit market for Shiny Festa.
Spoiler for An image I received; appears to have access:

I'm not 100% on this, but I'm wondering if anyone is actually interested in buying some of this? From the e-Mail I received, he has access to two different Shiny Festa tapestries (MUSIC ver. and Groovy Note ver.), the towel, 2 Shiny Festa T-shirts (White and Black ver.), one Groovy Note T-shirt, the blanket, decal and clear folders.

What I wish to find out is if anyone is actually looking to buy stuff; I can ask him if he's able to help out anyone here on top of myself. I don't see why more sales would hurt, so I thought I'd check here first. I can't guarantee anything, but I sure as heck can ask. Just an early warning that he may refuse for any reason; I can't do anything past that.

Cheers. Oh, and you know I'm buying that tapestry and the black T-shirt. Style it up, baby!
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