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Originally Posted by Sansker View Post

It doesnít matter for a single reason: isnít an absolute as, I have the feeling, you guys are trying to make it look. Your take on the matter is really good and I get were are you coming from but is not the only possibility and it sure not be assume as the real one for lack of a canon explanation on the matter. I donít mind you thinking that, maybe what I mind is the assumption that there is only one explanation and limit yourself to the already establish styles, explaining why a story should not expand. Final Fantasy is as good or bad as it is, I donít know, but I donít care how it was handle there, I am talking of something I think will be nice here. It work there? Perfect, but doesnít mean it has to work always. Besides for complains there are people who donít even like Final Fantasy.
First point: Both are amazing, so dropping it. Not agreeing with you, just dropping it.

Second point: Again, they're already expanding. Just not the way you want them to. You want them to introduce new style, they're introducing new ways to use old styles. It's the author choice to do so.

Again, is my take on the matter and what I try to say is that we might be trying to get ďWho is right?Ē when there is no real point because if all opinion on a fact that isnít happening and might never happen. I agree if there will be more magic styles other questions appears but is the same with the ďreal witchĒ thing, it came out of nowhere and hasnít been address what that even means. So really, seeing already how an element will not fit on the story because will require some work is like saying the author is incompetent.
... I'm sorry, so they're incompetent because they can't figure out how to fit an element with the story? Really?

Even with an already etablished world, trying to fit a story in without changing the rules is still damn hard. So for a world that they're trying to expand on, it is even harder. Not to mention that they have a deadline to meet. The pressure on them is quite large, so cut them some slacks would you.

One last note: Seriously, if you have so much complain, why not write a fanfic yourself?
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