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No a contradiction. Just saying that at times a well train force with limited resources and weaker powers can be destroy by a large, powerful but not that smart force. Numbers, and I don’t mean Jail’s cyborgs, can win at times. Is not always and sure as hell isn’t definitive but can happen. An army strength come from several factors, not just good tactics. I didn’t express it well, my bad.

And yes, I get that a lot: if you think is bad why you keep reading? Well Nanoha is a special series to me. It was the first one that did make me want to go out and search for the fanbase so really it might have to do with that. Despite all I can say about it I am still a fan of the franchise. And while I will never let something that happen on the story and I don’t like without comment I will keep reading and give the stories a fair chance. Is hard to understand but I do it myself so, make of that what you want. I am not against anyone who enjoys this manga, or Force for that matter, I just haven’t found something on them that makes them good to me but I do hope to see it.

So there aren’t invisible spells. Barrier Jackets are very visible. And yes, you can make it stronger or weaker but I do believe is rare to see a particularly strong Barrier Jacket because of the mana it will need to maintain them in combat. All of the Barrier Jackets seems to share similar resistance. But maybe Sieg could have one, I am not sure. Still a little force when last time I did see Einhart hitting her and making actual damage without destroying the Barrier Jacket, so what the hell?

About TSAB personal… we really don’t see anything about them that make them look like anything but useless redshirts so, I don’t think we could say much about their overall capacity. They did some job, but most of the times they are just kick around by the bad guys and some rookies have to take the heave job.

About the “real Witch” I don’t really think we should see her. I mean Lutecia and that other girl have been so much out of the events leading up to the destruction of Nove’s team that as far as I know might not even be on the same story. Really I can’t barely say they are characters at all.
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