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I hope you get more of her but at the same time I can live without anything more on Sieg. Besides I am sure the guy on NanoFate is really an awesome person.

On the other hand it wasn’t my fault I have to repeat my point. All you guys did was trying to proof me wrong and keep bringing the subject on the same matter: “it can’t be done” when I really want to explore the idea a little more. I am hammering my point? And you, trying to proof me wrong, are not doing the same? Just saying we all keep the same tone and refuse to move forward. For that matter Lhklan you did bring up the questions I let without answers when I realize we were getting nowhere, so really is not just me. But I did keep repeating myself.

I agree with you, tactics are important but is not the only factor. Besides strategy is even more important in wars and that is more important than battles. In the end just saying that tactics are good but not always work when the enemy has a very superior force.

And Kaijo, you don’t have to do anything. People here is able to say their own opinions and to tell me if they have a problem, so if you see this as a burden on you is really easy to fix, do as you tell me and keep it to yourself.
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