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Originally Posted by serenade_beta View Post
You just go down the list of games in the E-Shop but can't decide on what to buy.

Looks like a bunch of games with multi-platforming the PS4 coming up... Neh. From the looks of the import site, even the Shining series is multi-ing to the Switch, lol.
I haven't played a (real) galge in a while, so Ao no Kanata does interest me, but it is just a port of the PS4 version

Zelda Musou seems attractive enough because it contains all of the previous DLC, but the DL version is huge in size and the English version is coming up next month and Zelda isn't one of those games that would kill me with translated text or voices, so I want to wait.

Code Princess is also later.
Octopath is also later.

I'm thinking of picking up Dragon Quest Builders this Fri if you haven't tried it yet. It seems great.
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