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Originally Posted by Pellissier View Post
Another example would be Hinagiku in Hayate no Gotoku (ie. the first poll we had here).
I remember the Hayate polls... I think you needed to make a "Hayate no Gotoku - Favorite Character(s) Poll (Not Including Hina since we know what'll happen)."

Or something like that. I also recall the narrator getting quite a good number of votes.

I'm surprised more people didn't vote for Inko-chan! Sure he's ugly and probably ridden with every disease a bird can get. But he's a miracle and a slap to the faces of veterinarians everywhere! Plus, he's part of the family.

Myself, I voted for Takasu, Taiga, Inko-chan (obviously), and Yasuko. I don't like the other characters nearly as much, but I do like all the character.

Except Taiga's father of course. [Insert Endless Line Of Obscenities Here]
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