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I really dig the animation style they're going for here. Konishi is a pretty good animator, and it looks like the movie is going for a rougher and less refined look, which liberates the animation itself. The movement and lack of clean up in the line work reminds me a lot of Black Rock Shooter, which also had an animation style I adored.

As for the flying bird people... I dunno. It's really weird. It bothers me because it's the one thing in the trailer which seems really corny and out of place. The scarred alchemist dude and the werewolf both look like they would fit right in the FMA universe and make for great action scenes. The flying bird people do not.

I really like Kazuya Murata's work as a director too, and he recently just storyboarded and directed the second episode of Gundam Unicorn, so I don't really have any concerns about the direction of the movie. I wonder who's composing though. They're probably going with a brand new composer too.
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