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Originally Posted by antiwyrd
i need a new popular series to watch religiously. Anything's good as long as it doesn't have yaoi.
Well if you want a new and popular show then the animesuki stats page

clearly shows that two shows from this season are very popular

Bleach and
Gundan SEED

While I haven't seen SEED, I doo comply with NoSanninWa's opinion, Bleach offers a good mix of action comedy and a developing story. Animation is a little less but I kinda expected that when I read someplace that this will become a long series. Bleach is not extremely original but it uses good working formula's the right way, watch and ... love it, I don't think there are any other options
Personally I must say I really like the Shinigami charcter the most, since she looks so sad and I absolutely love sadness and sad characters. Oh and then there's the father, he's just ... hilarious
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