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On the other hand, the "no murders happened at all" theory was already explicitly denied in EP8. One of the goats tried it, and Will cut it down with Dine's 7th ("there must be a corpse"). I think Dlanor also referred to it as "hackneyed and boring, even if it satisfies Knox and all of Beatrice's closed rooms."
That's really a whole lot of nothing, though. The explosion itself (as far as we can tell) is an act of murder, so regardless of whether anyone was killed prior to that incident, it can still be described as a "murder" with a theoretically solvable culprit.

I suppose one could also argue the reverse in theory, that the explosion was not a murder so long as everyone but Eva and Battler were dead before that incident happened. Doing so naturally requires one to allege that there were murders beforehand, obviously. In essence, the ep7 Tea Party is exactly this; so far as the narrative depicts or suggests, everyone but Eva (who survives) and Battler (who disappears) is explicitly killed. To that extent, the explosion would only be a cover-up of the evidence, as Kyrie suggests.

But if even one person died in the explosion, it's possible to worm your way out of the idea of pre-explosion murders and still claim that a murder happened, even if it was 13 freak heart attacks and one blown up death.
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