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Holy crap, KyoAni didn't spare a single penny making this episode. I can't help but worry that, if they make all their episodes of this quality, they'll blow their budget before the end. That would be the worst thing, since I don't think they've made a 24 ep series since they became animation heavy-weights after Air, so they're still untested in this respect. Fingers crossed this won't happen, since everything I've seen by them has been a winner, IMO.

Anyway, as an aesthetic experience, that was beautiful. KyoAni just seems to get better and better. The directing was full of the flair of Haruhi (same director, IIRC) and the animation was dazzling.

I ponder, though, would I have enjoyed this episode anywhere near as much if I hadn't already seen the original Kanon (and played through about 1/4 of the game, since that was all that was translated when I played it)? And, the only answer I can come up with is "no". I mean, for those who've seen the first series, we know that the first set of episodes were a lowlight... slow, seemingly contributing nothing to the story, and having quite a number of the staples of a cliched dating sim. And, I suppose that'd be a bit what it'd feel like for people going through Kanon's story for the first time with this series. I was impressed that some of the smaller details weren't taken straight from the game/previous anime, and that KyoAni is taking a few liberties with the sequencing and setting of events. I also did appreciate the few Easter Eggs they had for people already familiar with Kanon's story.

It's only really the visual features I can pass a proper judgement on after the first episode, and all I can say is "wow". Incredible. As for the rest of the anime, we'll wait and see, but early signs show that this is going to be far better than the first series.... and the first series was great.
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