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Originally Posted by Akuryou View Post
I personally thought Keiichi's seyuu was pretty decent and fitting. But Rena's and Shmion's were spetacular.
You know, looking back, that's probably why a lot of people (myself included) are critical of K1 and Satoko's seiyuu: they weren't bad, they were just outshone. I mean, it's hard to hold your own when you're surrounded by Nakahara Mai, Tamura Yukari and Yukino Satsuki giving (what I thought was) one of her best performances, if not her best, of her fairly distinguished career.

If there's any flaws in the seiyuu cast, it's minor, and certainly not in need of any overhaul. If it comes down a choice between tweaking the seiyuu cast or making more important changes, such as music or even animation, I'd hope they'd go with the latter before even considering the former.

Edit: March 2007 is apparently the date. That's good timing, IMO. While it's still fresh in people's minds.
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