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Originally Posted by TigerII View Post
But he is turning. He is not a human anymore. That is apparent in the last parts of Season I and early Season II.
Yeah. he is turning into something, but what? I think we would all like to see him become a super cool vamp and maybe that will happen, but you just never know when it comes to manga. What I want to happen usually doesn't.

A good example and I know it's slightly off subject, but look at the bleach manga... every time you think what his name is going to win a major fight and save the day, he gets his ass handed to him and that cute girl has to come in and heal him. Your pulling for the guy to be the big hero but most of the time he's actually not. Very frustrating. Sometimes these eastern plotlines just really piss me off and I even want to quit reading at times. But I like a good white knight type happy ending.
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