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Hi there

I recently discovered a small FREE program that resolved that problem for me!

I didn't like the idea and neither i have a good desktop to make conversions (old P4 3.2 socket 478 :lol: ) to watch them on my ps3

the program is called PS3 Media Server, it's multiplatform (which is really nice!) and you only need Java runtime to run it!

check it out on

With this program, you only need to have it running and go to your PS3 and select the media server, then you can watch every type (or almost) on your PS3 via streaming without much quality loss.

Keep in mind that 720p and upper resolution videos can't be streamed well via wireless, so you better have a network cable right beside your PS3 :P

The only downside i got is that, at least for me, i can use custom softsubs like i have with every other player. It seems like that, for now, subtitles are stuck in one font type, but i don't think it matters much

NOTE: I could stream a few 720p MKVs via wireless flawlessly (could be 'cause of bitrate) but most of the times it lags a bit or even breaks the video. nothing that a pause and play doesn't solve but still...
NOTE2: I just reminded that a friend of mine said that he could watch files on his PSP via Remote PS3 flawlessly.
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