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Okay I seem to have hit some kind of upper limit here.

I was able to convert some 1080p Blu-Ray rip episodes of Michiko to Hatchin and they show up perfectly on the PS3. Things don't seem to go so well though once I move on to full-length movies.

I tried to convert The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (in 720p) and it came out as "unsupported data" on the PS3. Things got worse once I attempted Afro Samurai Resurrection and Sword of the Stranger.

Sword of the Stranger I have in 1080p with the sound in DTS. The file 6GB. After eight hours of transcoding a bad file one sixth the size came out.

I'm trying to get the movie on my PS3 because I'd rather watch it on my HDTV and hear the DTS through my surround sound system.

What I need is a way to ensure that when I convert something like this to MP4, that there won't be any bad quality loss, I'll still have the subtitles, and the sound channels will be retained.
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