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This image is the same they used in Ep7 to explain cybernetics and implants, copare them:

So i think that person is no one in particular (or maybe Grace)

Kawamori said that this will be anew story so I expect some changes but not a whole different story, based on the trailer I think some story elements from the series will be in the movie like Sheryl being sick, the battle for the Vajra planet and of course Ranka becoming popular.

About the scenes on the beach, i think that will be a complete different situation and they won't do the "Macross Zero movie" again because it will be a waste of time (unless they only show some parts quickly).

And yeah too much Ranka/Alto scenes but it was to be expected since the movie will focus more on her, Sheryl got the lake scene with Alto last time so now Ranka will have a Beach scene with him.

Oh and count me in the pessimist Sheryl fans too, not because it's a Ranka centered movie but because now that in this story Ranka is Alto's friend/childhood friend, and I have the impression they will go with the cliche about chilhood friends
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