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Originally Posted by reelyanoob View Post
I can't believe some people on here are still like, "oh Kawamori is SURE going to give me the ending I wan't - THIS TIME" after how the series ended.

btw If a writer is NOT trolling you, he's not doing his job.
Yes, a show about a triangle romance... how dare they bring resolution to it! That's so cliché, romance shows should always end with an open ending, so that merchandise revenues can be maximised. Who cares about storytelling integrity but old-fashioned people?

Originally Posted by Dash_Hunter View Post
This image is the same they used in Ep7 to explain cybernetics and implants, copare them:
So i think that person is no one in particular (or maybe Grace)
Yeah, that looks even more similar to another than the one with a young Sheryl getting treated for ( or getting infected with ) the V-Type infection. But why then blur out the face? ^^

Originally Posted by Dash_Hunter View Post
Oh and count me in the pessimist Sheryl fans too, not because it's a Ranka centered movie but because now that in this story Ranka is Alto's friend/childhood friend, and I have the impression they will go with the cliche about chilhood friends
Oh, come on. Macross series are not really known for following clichés.
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