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That's a pretty good post....and I think I have a few things I want to say

First of all, pop songs aren't always bad (I am pretty sure you didn't imply that, but let me just continue) the movie DYRL, the title song was originally a pop song from the alien culture, so it's no surprise that Macross Frontier just picks up this tradition and uses pop songs at the end. Of course, did the MF staff use those pop songs in the right way in the last episode? That's open to discuss I guess. Personally I think it's ok...and yeah, last battle was kind of like a happy party but I felt fine with was like the show had many frustration (michael's death, Grace and Leon's evil plan, it's either human or vajra, etc...) and at the end everyone comes out, takes the burden off, beats the evil guys, and everyone is happy at the end...I am ok with that, because in MF it was about Grace and Leon took advantages of Vajra and Human, and I really enjoyed the ending when Human and Vajra cleared the misunderstanding, united and finished Grace once and for all...but if you put that kind of ending into other shows, like gundam 00, then perhaps I would feel otherwise...but I think MF is ok to have that kind of the ending...having said that, I fully aware that others may think the ending of MF is unrealistic and they probably have their points...

Talking about realistic, don't you think it would be realistic that Macross should allow polygamy?? Based on the setting, different cultures (living with the aliens) in the same ship, and the need to survive, grow, and prosper when they explore the new planets..etc. Sure, the original macross was still 1 guy and 1 woman but that was the time before the space exploration/colonization...

So, normally I like to watch one guy end up with one girl, but for macross, I have no problem accepting RankaxAltoxSheryl (of course, I am a ranka fan so rankaxAlto would be much better for me )...because I think it could be "realistic" and possible in macross universe...of course, that's just me
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