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Originally Posted by Elazul View Post

I am already doing this. I watched Kimagure Orange Road and Maison Ikokku in the past year... Both of them are very good with really great endings in my humble opinion.
KOR is really epic shit; series are great and the two movies that give the resolution are brilliant. Man, good days.

Anyway, just watched the trailer-teaser, and i am so disappointed so far; needs WAY moar Sheryl. Half the trailer i was contemplating being between OTL and ORZ seeing so much Ranka, ehhhh. But anyway, it is just a teaser, so..

Also, in regards to the epic scene in MF#22, there better not be replaced by some shitty angst scene, where Sheryl is on her own crying and Alto is running away or something with manly tears. DNW, we want sex scene people.
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