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Originally Posted by Elazul View Post

Polygamy does happen in our society but itís too a very delicate matter that defies various morals values and thus not acceptable in most cultures.
When I wrote about realism, it was meant to be about characters behaviors and situations that most people can relate to. Anime is a fictional work that aims to reach a certain audience. I bet that most people who watch anime donít want to see a story (which takes itself seriously) involving polygamy. It will be pointless, unnecessary polemic and even offensive to many.
Also, polygamy now is less common than it used to be in the past centuries. Youíre simply assuming that in the MFís fictional future polygamy will become more acceptable, when the humanity took the opposite direction. Though Macross is set in on a futuristic universe, it is painfully obvious that the creators used our todayís society as a basis, including our moral values, social institutions, etc. So, there is nothing in the whole Macross series that give us signs that polygamy is an acceptable.
Furthermore, a polygamous ending in MF is totally out of question. If we think about Sheryl, Ranka and Alto and all of their character development, we can easily realize that none of them will accept such a thing in the first place; it would be totally out of character. Second, the whole romance aspect is focused on a love triangle. It was not, by any means, about polygamy.
Agree many many thing you say here...and got to be honest that I prefer RankaxAlto ending 1.0x10^20 times more than the RankaxAltoxSheryl ending...

I guess it comes down to how the audiences enjoy their animes then..I am the type who likes to put the setting into a more serious consideration...yes, you have your point (the staff using present values in MF, character development etc), but it's just that when I look at the setting of MF, they may have a chance of doing it (polygamy), due to the assumptions I made in my previous post....and when there is a slight possibility that polygamy is okay in this show, then I am ok to accept a harem ending

But if you ask me, do I like a harem ending in other series like A Town where you live, I''s, video girl, Suzuka, Ichigo 100%, answer would be no because those setting definitely do not allow polygamy XD
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